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We will detail the main important scenarios of how to use Power BI Embedded.

¿What is Power BI Embedded?

First, Power BI Embedded is a Microsoft Azure service, which allows you to include or embed Power BI reports and dashboards in your own applications (Websites, Portals, CRMs, etc).

In addition, it maintains the features of visual analysis and its powerful functionalities.

¿Who is the Power BI Embedded service for?

Mainly for software providers, developers or companies that wish to embed reports and dashboards in applications, portals, websites.

¿How to use Power BI Embedded? 

To include Power BI content in applications and websites, there are several options available depending on where the embedded will be done, which can be simplified in 2 scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Power BI Embedded for your Organization (Internal).
  • Scenario 2: Power BI Embedded for your Customers (External).

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Scenario #1: Using Power BI Embedded for your Organization (Internal).

-Recommended for organizations where all users have a PowerBI Pro license.

Power BI REST API services are used to embed dashboards and reports in your custom apps, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, or even a third-party app like Salesforce.

-Each user authenticates to Power BI Service to view Power BI Embedded information in the custom application. Therefore, each user uses Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication. Each user Requires a Power BI Pro license.

how to use Power BI Embedded for your organization

Scenario #2: Using Power BI Embedded for your Customers (External)

-Can be used to embed Power BI content in company that develop applications for external users like customers and partners.

This is the most commonly used example with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), when using the Power BI Embedded service to render content for external users.

-When accessing the content through Power BI Embedded, the application authenticates and authorizes the user of the application.

The end user of the app does not need to have a Power BI license.

“The application users themselves don’t need additional Power BI licenses to access the content.”

-Power BI Embedded Service is required.

how to use Power BI Embedded for your customers

Power BI Embedded Example for your Customers (External)- Scenario 2:

1. Register the app in the Azure portal (if it does not exist, to test, create an app and then register it). Or more simple register your application from this link step by step.

Registrar una app en azure

2. User access to the app / website / portal / crm application with his common login.

Power BI Embedded Token – Azure API

3. Application authenticates via API with the Azure service (generating a token).
     API Endpoint:

Power BI Azure Access Token

Power BI Embedded API

4. With the generated token, through API, the reports enabled for the app are obtained.
      API Endpoint:


Power BI Embedded API Get Reports

5. The application uses the Power BI JavaScript library to display and embed the report.

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Power BI Embedded Website example:

Power BI Embedded Website

Tutorial Power BI Embedded in 7 steps quick and easy. Example for your Customers (External) – Scenario 2:

Use this quick and simple 7-step process to set up your development environment and start incorporating Power BI embedded into your application.

STEP 1. Enter the Power BI Embedded environment settings. “Set up your Power BI embedding environment”.

STEP 2. Choose the type of solution to implement. In this example, “Embed for your customers”.

Power bi embedded fácil y rápido

PASO 3. Sign in to Power BI.


Power BI Embedded environment

STEP 4. Register Your Application.

STEP 5. Create a Workspace.

STEP 6. Import Content / Usean example.

STEP 7. Security and Grant Permissions.

Power BI Embedded for clients

Done!. Download, update the web.config and run test sample.

Remember to update the web.config. Requires Visual Studio or some application development knowledge.

Incrustar Power BI para clientes

Power BI Embedded in Website

Power BI Embedded web

Power BI Embedded vs Publish to Web 

Take into account that the Power BI Embedded service is not the same than publish to web (embed report, share or publish the report).

Publish to web example


Power BI publish to web
  • When sharing, there is no security, the data is public. It does not allow RLS and other limitations.
  • Power BI Embedded has data security with authentication.


Power BI Embedded Code .NET / Python / Java (Sample)

The following repository has code of Power BI Embedded solutions in 5 different frameworks.

  • Embed for your customers – App Owns Data
    • .NET Framework
    • .NET Core
    • Python
    • Java
    • Node JS
  • Embed for your organization – User Owns Data
    • .NET Framework
    • .NET Core
    • React TS

Power BI Embedded Code Solutions .NET / Python / Java and more

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Power BI Embedded pricing and cost

With Power BI Embedded, the licenses are not for the end user.

  • You must have at least one PowerBI Pro account (master account) to publish the reports and authenticate the application.
  • Then in Production, the Power BI embedded service in Azure is required, which varies in cost depending on the capacities. Keep in mind that you pay only for the time you use the service.

Power BI Embedded pricing and cost information

TIP: Shut down the service if it is not productive / Create a task that automatically shuts it down.

“When the service is paused, the embedded content will not be charged and you will not be charged for the service.”


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