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With your personalized and optimized SEO + Social Media Website, you will give visibility to your business online and you will reach more customers!
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Hako Branding

Build your brand

Create and develop your own brand in a professional way.
🚀 WebSite + Social Media + Design

Hako Social Media

Connect with new customers (and keep current ones)

Creation of social media banners, graphic images, and designs for any social media platform.
〽️ Simplicity, Originality, and a Plan are the keys to your success.


Promote your business online: sell your products or services

With your Self-managing Website, you can easily make changes
💻 Include an improved in-editor framework.

Boost your company, product or service!

Do you have an online business idea and don’t know how to start?.
How to Reach More Customers?.

Tell us about your business online or idea and voila!. We take care of all the technical parts.

Business On line
Your Online Store

Build Your Unique Online Presence!

How to start an Online Business from scratch?
We offer you everything you need to create an efficient and modern business online presence.

Responsive & Modern Design

Our team, analyze every detail to transmits your ideas and image of your business or services online.
Responsive for computers, smartphones and tablets.


Make your own changes

With your self-managing website, you can easily manage it!. Add and modify pages, titles, images, links, etc.
Includes superior visual editor framework.

Social Media & SEO

Integrate your social networks to make more engagement with your brand.
SEO configuration to rank in Google.




Landing Page + Contact Form + Blog + Share on Social Networks + Installation of WordPress and Premium Framework

Delivery in 7 days
1 Review
1 Page
Personalized design
Content upload
Responsive design
3 Plugins
E-Commerce functionality
10 Products




Responsive Design up to 4 pages + Social media links + Blog + Security and optimized SEO + Premium Framework

Delivery in 14 days
2 Reviews
4 Pages
Personalized design
Content upload
Responsive design
5 Plugins
E-Commerce functionality
10 Products




Premium Design + E-Commerce, up to 6 pages + Load Optimization, Security and SEO + Premium Plugin / Framework + Support

Delivery in 21 days
3 Reviews
6 Pages
Personalized design
Content upload
Responsive design
7 Plugins
E-Commerce functionality
10 Products


business online Services

Shape your ideas

Even the best of technology depends on the support or help that you have.


What services does Website Project include?

Includes everything your project needs:

– Initial Consulting Session to understand your needs and provide you with specific technological solutions to achieve your goals.

– After that, we will help you define the scope of the project, through small steps so that you see results soon!

– Self-managed website development.

– Also we will advise / assist you to contract the Hosting / Domain.

– WordPress installation.
– Installation of Premium Theme.
– Configuration and Installation of a responsive and easy-to-manage Framework (Valued at € 80 / Year).
– Customization of fonts, colors, menu, footer.
– Creation of webpage / s, forms: We create and design the pages that you need to include (Home, services, “about”, contact, etc).

Responsive Web Design: Indispensable today for any website. Allows the site to adapt to devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, etc).

Share on Social Networks: We can include a Premium plugin to show buttons with social icons (Facebook / Instagram / Linkedin / Twitter / etc). In this way, the user can easily share your content on their social networks.

– Configure & Installation Premium and free Plugins (they vary according to contract).

– Reviews (according to hiring).

– To conclude, Final Training / Consulting: After implementing the website, a training explanation of the basic operation is included and we will solve your doubts. Maximum of 1 hour per Skype / Hangouts / Teams (Valued at € 80).

Remember that none of the plans includes the cost of the Domain / Hosting, required to publish the personalized web solution.

What is NOT included in the website service?

Not included in the cost of the service (Out of scope):

– Domain and hosting: Payment for hosting and domain are not included. It is contracted separately on your own. As well as that, we can help and advise you but you decide which one to hire, for how long, and what plan.

Writing texts: you know your project and business better than anyone, you will have to send us all the content of the pages, titles already written.
  But If you need help to write the texts for your website, let us know and we will send you a separate budget for that. The writing can be done by us or by specialized collaborators.

– Personalized images: the creation / design of the logo is not included, nor any other image or illustration of the web page / s. You provide us with the content and we upload it.
  In Addition, If you want a logo or images, tell us and we will send you a separate budget for that. The graphic design can be done by us or by specialized collaborators.

– Social Networks: does not include the creation / registration of social networks or publications in existing accounts. Furthermore, If you want recommendations or administration, tell us and we will send you a social media budget for that.

How much does a Website or Business Online cost?

  Absolutely, the amount changes greatly from the needs of your particular project. For example, if it is a single page, if there are several pages, if a shopping cart is required, initial product loading, payment platform integration, customization of custom code such as a personalized quote, membership or premium plugins, social networking, etc.
  For sure, We can organize deliverables according to the budget you have.
  To get an idea, the cheapest web development fee starts at € 799.

If I want my website or contract the services, what should I do first?

Tell us about your project using this contact form.

In case, we consider that we can help you, we will coordinate an online meeting to discuss the details of your needs and then present you with a personalized proposal to provide you with solutions!

How will we communicate during the process?

We will be connected at all times, mainly by email.

Schedule Meeting / s online via Google Hangouts / Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or similar.

How do I make the payment?

In most cases, Payment is by bank transfer, the percentages and fees to be paid will be agreed in the project proposal, according to its scope and requirements.

– First payment before starting the project, after the acceptance of the proposal, and together with the receipt of all the necessary material to start the project (40% as a down payment).
– Second payment after the delivery of the confirmed points of the proposal and before a possible round of review of changes if it is included in the proposal (remaining 60%).

If I already have a website, and I want to improve or redesign it?

Write to us and we will tell you about your project, online business or ideas. We will propose ideas, tips, and give you solutions.

I have many ideas, but I don't know where to start or what do I need?

Don’t worry, we can help you!. We are here to guide you, we have more than 10 years of experience in technological projects. We give shape to your ideas and we give you solutions!

Briefly, we are Specialists in creating or adapting technology to your business processes.

Write to us about your project.

I have more questions ...

Contact us, we will schedule an online meeting and I will solve all your doubts.

Free Custom Demo!

Get a custom demo, FREE!

Ideal for companies or entrepreneurs who wish to promote their services or sell their products online.

Tell us about your project and we will create a personalized demo for you, without any cost or commitment!

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