Microsoft Weekly News

  • PowerApps:
    Public preview of new custom connector enhancements

    We are announcing the public preview of two new custom connector enhancements including service principal authentication support as well as the ability to use environment variables in policies.

    Monday 25th September 2023, 9.28am

  • PowerBI:
    On-premises data gateway September 2023 release

    Welcome to September! Here is the September 2023 on-premises data gateway release (version 3000.190.17).

    Thursday 21st September 2023, 4.14pm

  • PowerApps:
    Streamline your governance and environment strategy using Default Environment Routing (preview)

    We are excited to announce the public preview of Default Environment Routing, a new Managed Environments feature that allows Power Platform admins to automatically direct new makers into their own personal developer environment when they visit for the first time. Default environment routing offers new makers a personal, safe space to build with Microsoft Dataverse,…

    Tuesday 19th September 2023, 8.00am

  • PowerBI:
    Power BI September 2023 Feature Summary

    Welcome to the September 2023 update. We’ve got some updates to editing you data models, row -level security, and a reminder to update your .NET Framework version for Desktop!

    Thursday 14th September 2023, 10.09am

  • PowerApps:
    Simplifying license management with auto-claim for Power Apps and licensing insights for Power Automate

    It is with great pleasure that we introduce the public preview of Auto-claim for Power Apps licenses, a feature that empowers administrators to effortlessly set up policies within the Microsoft 365 admin center. These policies enable automatic license assignments to unlicensed users when they engage with Power Apps that require licensing.

    Tuesday 12th September 2023, 7.00am

  • PowerBI:
    Supporting Azure Active Directory shared device mode (preview) for Power BI Mobile apps

    Shared devices are company-owned devices that are shared between employees, often frontline workers, across tasks, shifts, or locations. Most mobile apps, however, are designed for single users, and optimize their experience for use by a single user, with single sign on (SSO) across applications and keeping users signed in on their device. This behavior isn’t suitable for devices that are shared by multiple users. In the case of shared devices, employees expect to pick a device from the pool, “make it theirs” for the duration of their shift, and then to be able, at the end of their shift, to sign out from the device globally and have all their personal and company information removed so they can return the device to the pool. This is exactly what Azure AD’s shared device mode enables.

    Monday 11th September 2023, 7.10am

  • PowerApps:
    Canvas built-in offline is now just one click away!

    We are pleased to announce the Public preview of mobile offline for canvas apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Mobile offline has been available in Experimental Preview since May 2023. We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’re excited to make this feature available by default for Power Apps makers. With this preview, you…

    Monday 11th September 2023, 6.58am

  • PowerBI:
    Dataset Refresh History Enhancements

    We’ve enhanced the dataset Refresh History page to help you diagnose and resolve issues more effectively.

    Friday 08th September 2023, 1.11am

  • PowerApps:
    August 2023 updates for modernization and theming in Power Apps

    Note: This blog is in continuation of the announcement of modern controls coming to canvas apps & new look for model driven apps. You can find the July 2023 updates here. Modern controls updates in canvas apps In the month of August, there was critical progress made on the journey to modernize Power Apps with…

    Thursday 07th September 2023, 3.33pm

  • PowerBI:
    Announcing calculation groups for Direct Lake datasets

    We are excited to share that Direct Lake datasets now support calculation groups!

    Wednesday 06th September 2023, 2.25pm

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