BI Consulting Services

Achieve powerful results by listening to your data.
Studies show that companies using business intelligence (BI) analytics make faster, data-driven decisions.

Business intelligence with PowerBI

  • What goals do you want to improve?
  • Do you need to extract information from your management system and send it to your clients and / or suppliers?
  • How to use data to inform business decisions at your organization?
  • Do you want to interact with your data in a creative and collaborative way?

We will create insightful Power BI Dashboards and Reports. Access from anywhere, with any device.

If you need short term, focused advice regarding data analytics , data visualization , data cleaning , data modeling & transformation and report analysis, this service is for you.

Every company is unique, so every BI project must be unique.
We will help you throughout the process, always adapting to your needs.

BI Services for you:

Create insight full Power BI Dashboard and Reports.

– Interactive and dynamic visuals & graphs.

– Calculate metrics that define your business.

– Connect your data (SQL, Excel, API Data connection, web data,more).

– Live consultation/training session (via Teams).

– Publish your report to Power BI service.

– Power BI Embedded integration ( CRM / Corporate websites / external clients)

Power BI Report examples:

– Sales/ Revenue Performance Analytics.
– Business Operations Analytics.
– Accounts/Finance Analytics.
– Assets and Inventory Analytics.
– Social Media Analytics.

Our specialists Daniela Pandullo & Facundo Capdevila are available to take care of your specific doubts remotely.

You can buy individual hours, or packages of prepaid hours.
Our most popular package is the 20-hour monthly package.

You can use this pre-paid time for both online and offline assistance.

Please note:

  • For a conference call, we spend no less than 1 hour.
  • For offline assistance (i.e. emails, define requirements), no less than 30 minutes.
  • We generally charge by the half hour.

Remote Consulting

€60 / hour

Make smart decisions with strong results…

Over the last few years, Daniela Pandullo & Facundo Capdevila have been working with Microsoft Partners companies and helping organizations from multiple sectors (Insurances, Chemical, Education, Real estate, Technology & more).

Remote Consulting

Portfolio – Use Cases

Social Media Analytics

Business Operations Analytics

Website Analytics

Accounts – Finance Analytics

CRM – Embedded Analytics (Power BI Embedded)

Do you want us to help you?

Power BI Project Services

Ideal for companies or entrepreneurs who wish to have an insight full Power BI Dashboard and Reports.

You just have to give us your name or your e-mail and we will contact you to tell you more about how we can help you.

*Prices in Euros € (EUR).

Complete the contact form or if you prefer, you can reach us at

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